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Myopia Management

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 Myopia is the clinical term for nearsightedness: when objects viewed up close are clear, but distance   vision is blurred.

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  • Myopia occurs if the eyeball is too long, causing light to focus incorrectly in front of the retina
  •         Myopia developes during childhood, influced by genetics and lifestyle.

  •         Children who grow to be seve myopes are at ahigher risk of retinal detachment, glaucome, earlier cataracts and myopic retinal degeneration.

  •       Limitin the progression of myopia in childhood lowers the risk of eye disease later in life. 

At Vision Health Center, we are excited to be providing proactive treatments to reduce progressions of myopia (nearsightedness) for school-age children in the tri-state community!

One of the Myopia Management treatments popular with our young VHC patients is a Dual Focus design 1-day contact lens called MiSight. The lenses slow the progression of myopia by creating a ring of increased power surrounding central vision that the eye interprets as a “stop signal” for further growth.

Decades of clinical research have lead to the development of several modern treatment approaches and lifestyle recommendations aimed at slowing the progression of myopia.  Treatments are often initiated between the ages 8-12, when myopia is most likely to present.  However, children who are genetically predisposed to develop severe myopia are already progressing by this age.

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With a successful myopia management program, we can provide your child with amazing vision, track their rate of myopia, and provide a clear road to healthy eyesight and a successful future.

VHC Tip:

Schedule your child for a comprehensive eye exam before they start school (age 4) and then at least yearly to monitor for risk of myopia.








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